Saturday, August 25, 2007

i wish you'd see as well as i

Where are you? …along the licorice trail? With your eyes only seeking the most pleasant of grass, you yearn for more candy. All the while – Can you accept your own sorrow, or see your own face? Can you feel the vampires stagnant amongst the room, sharking all that is pure in you? Men’s manhood as their spear headed brushes, do you even mind the color they’ve painted you? Will it wash off? Can you fall asleep tonight without the distraction?

…I pray your memory isn’t as haunting as mine.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

a life whose free

They sit amongst the details
Tiny coves where children play
Inside the walls are shallow
Allowing thoughts to drift away

While parades of decades swallow
In drones whom sweep new day
The lot will try to storm them
By melting hearts into old age

But all they wanted was to find this
...Their life activity
So they soaked their hands in Sunset
Just to find a life whose free.