Friday, June 15, 2007

sister city

And with new eyes, comes my sister city
People as houses, and yours all too pretty
I’m alive when inside you, your arches and your frames
Your windows– enchanting,
Your warmth– my refrain.

When my own place, too stand still
I grow weakened in knees,
But your face helps me wake up
I find new working bees

And my skin starts to grow up
Your touch strong, as your word
You are free in my kingdom
And I’m untied inside yours.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Chemical membrains, these thoughts like handcuffs
Stretched down from ceilings spinning like ceiling fans
Is it enough – to defy gravity?

Is it enough to sing true?
Everyone re-feeding, making sense of things
...In science eyes, in black and whites.

Physical matter all that impales me, from flying –
All now seizes and caresses, with a simple, do tell, explanation…
Logic makes people grow older.

Monday, June 4, 2007

in a midst of thought, i re-think you

I used to know a girl, I used to call cat.
She made pretty voices each time I could see her think

Her waves waved, and her cheeks blushed
I promise, she could love someone

Like a mother, she seemed warm
But like the seasons, she to each,
Sometimes turns cold on me

And her anxieties make her difficult to find in the brush
…She is so free, I understand.

Oh, I hope someday those smiles equate from
The things, I know, to do

I hope she’ll once find eyes to purr for me.

I hope she’ll once see, where I love her.